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Tessie O’Shea

This site is dedicated to the memory of Tessie O'Shea who was born in Cardiff, South Wales, of Irish father and a mother who was part Italian, part Jewish, part English and as Tessie often said, "a little bit of everything." At three, Tessie climbed on a stage during a garden party at a British seaside resort and belted out a rendition of "An Egg, An 'am And An Onion" - to the amazement of the audience and her parents.  

Feeling that she could benefit from some professional training, her parents had her begin song and dance lessons at the age of four and, by seven, she was "on the road."

Her first engagements were in the valleys of Wales and, at 10, she was booked into the Bristol Hippodrome.  At 15, she went to Johannesburg to appear in a Christmas show for Schlesinger's African theatres and, received so well, was signed by Jack Hylton to sing in all his shows throughout Great Britain.

Famous in show business for ‘working the audience’ Tessie O’Shea came on the stage like a fire cracker that never fizzled out!

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