Tessie O’Shea
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Tessie O’Shea had a long career in Music Hall, Variety, Television Radio and Film. One night in 1952 whilst working the Waverly Inn in Greenwich Village in New York (In her recording, she said 1954, but then later remembered it was 1952)  two song writers named Douglass Cross, George Cory approach Tessie and asked her to sing their song. Tessie took the song back to England with her and recorded it became a hit in Europe. Tessie sang it at various performances, that song was I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO later in 1962 to be a big hit for TONY BENNETT.

In addition Tessie brought a new song to the UK titled SLOW BOAT TO CHINA she told this story when she performed her cabaret act around the world.

Wherever she went she took a little bit of Britain with her. Tessie gave forth and boomed and bellowed in rich resounding voice, when her jokes made you split your sides with laughter, when she strummed her banjo (she was the fastest player of this instrument in the world), you see London and its pubs, Hempstead Heath and its roundabouts on a bank holiday...and you can smell the fish-and-chips of the old Kent Road-she was the barmaid, the Duchess, the Pygmalion of MY Fair Lady and a pedestrian on Baker Street.

In short Tessie revived the Golden Age of the Music Hall of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  She was the prototype of the immortal English vaudeville artists.

Tessie the bombastic bombshell, beautiful bellowing Tessie O'Shea, in her performance she exuded good nature, being so full of bounce, joie de vivre,vim and verve, that just looking at her made people happy and giving one the lift we all need in a difficult world. Buxom, bouncing and beautiful Tessie O'Shea Britain's rollicking funny girl and number one comedienne...ooze's hilarity and bubbles and sparkles like a glass of champagne.

Tessie once described as a whirling blonde dervish in frenetic abandon.  She possessed a flashing smile; a trumpeting vibrant voice; and overwhelming vitality and sunny personality. Tessie O’Shea was bombastic and noisy and indescribably funny...Tessie easily cajoled her listeners and annihilates formality, addressed all as 'luv' and left one exhausted from mirth.

Tessie in cabaret

Accompanied by her musical director Ernest Wampola tells her audience the story of how she came to be the first artiste to introduce the following songs.

‘Slow Boat to China’

‘I left my heart in San Francisco’

Tessie on American TV

On the Ed Sullivan Show Tessie wows the American TV audience with her clever medley finishing with her signature tune.

‘Two Ton Tessie fromTennessee’

Sing us a song Tessie!